LITC 1: David & Luke Share The Vision of LITC and What Is To Come

Hey! We are excited to share the premier episode of Life in the Cracks – the Podcast. In this episode we give a little window into our backgrounds, how this podcast came to be, what it is about and where we hope it will go. The three pillars we want to keep at the forefront are Hope, Healing and Growth. We all hit peaks and valleys throughout our lives. Sometimes it seems as though life “cracks” when there is job loss, death of a loved one, divorce, money troubles, natural disasters, terrorist activity, etc… The list continues. We both believe beauty comes from brokenness. It is our mission to help others going through similar stories we will share from our own lives and the lives of our guests we have on.

We introduce this as Episode 0 since it’s an overview of our backgrounds and what is to come. However, iTunes would not let us label it as 0, so officially it is Episode 01. Technology burps 🙂

Enjoy and please share with anyone and everyone you feel may connect with our content.

Warmest Regards,

David and Luke

Mission of podcast

Our mission is to articulate hope, healing, and growth in the cracks of our lives.

Hope-a life resuscitated (When you have hope you have something that gets you up in the morning…something to look forward to)

Healing-a life recovering (Engaging in a process of moving on from the crack…not forgetting…but moving on)

Growth-a life that is better for…(I am better because of this crack. Not a victimized mindset…but a “I am better because of the cracks in my life)

We want to hear from YOU!

As we continue to share stories of hope, healing, and growth we know there are more stories out there.

Your story is one of them.

Send us your story. We are always looking for great stories!

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