Most know me by David, Dave or Burke, however Dad is the name I cherish most. I always wanted to be a Dad and I hit the jackpot. Aside from fatherly duties, I have spent the majority of my adult life in front of a computer or behind a camera. My Nerdy and Artsy gifts collided and I could not be happier. Whether I have been working on software or capturing photographs at the most precise moments, my underlying drive has been to help people. I love people and the stories that have molded them into who they are. Photography has given me privileged access to some wonderful connections and stories. I see no end of this in my future, but it is time to add a new dimension to story capturing. Life is about relationships and all of the good, bad and ugly that comes along with it. Over the years I have had this little fire inside to connect with more people and help them share their stories, in a different way. Enter Life in the Cracks – The Podcast. I am excited to share this journey with my good friend, Luke McClain. Together we are excited to connect with you and share your story (our stories too). Hope, Healing and Growth are the three foundational pillars, for the podcast, and we cannot wait to see what gets built on top of them. Tune in, tell your friends and better yet, contact us for a chat.


Husband, father, and pastor. I live to see people grow and develop. It brings much joy to my life to see others find their God-given purpose in life. Getting to that point seems daunting and difficult. But, discovering purpose in life makes all of it worth it. I live for that. Now I focus on asking great questions as others have done for me in my development. From several pivotal points in my life the desire to ask great questions emerged. Through long form conversation and asking great questions, I desire to help others unpack their story. Everyone has a story and every story has value. I’m an advocate for that.